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Life gets too busy and we get caught up in our own stuff to spend quality time on the things that really matter.

One of the basic human psychological needs is ‘belonging’. When we are young it’s our parents’ job to make us feel loved and included and that we have a tribe to belong to.

Then we become a little more independent and look to friends to give us a sense of belonging.

And somehow as we grow older and life gets busier the table turn and our parents are the ones that long for inclusion, connection and belonging because we are too busy to take the time to sit and talk.

This heartfelt story given to teenage kids by Marc Mero is worth watching with your kids if they are old enough to understand it… The kid’s reactions in the video tells it all.

#tisuuealert #amotherslove #belonging

Take a moment to sit and talk with those who took the time to include you, talk and listen as you grew up. They are precious. All it takes is a little time and the outcome can be so valuable to everyone.

This message applies to family and friends alike.

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