Are you kidding? I don’t have time to meditate!

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I know, I know… you’re flat out like a lizard drinking and you’ve got a billion things to do with no time to do it. Believe me, I can empathise.

You’re probably sick of people telling you to slow down and take some time for self-care. Well, I hate to say it, but I’m going to say the same thing. If you’re running around like blue-“beep” fly, you’re feeling tired and a little stressed, that’s exactly the time you should try this 10-minute technique.

The thing is, when you’re in the thick of it you feel like you don’t have time to take a moment to rejuvenate. It’s not until you hit the proverbial wall that you realise it takes a lot longer to recover from burnout or illness because you didn’t have time to look after yourself.

No excuses Mumma!

Before you say I’ve tried meditation before and I can’t do it – I’ve got too many things going on in my head.

Snap! Me too, been there, done that and yet I managed to make it work. If I can do it, you can do it. I’ll show you how simple it is, and if you commit to trying it for 7-days, I’m 99.99% sure you’ll start to see you can do it and you’ll begin to experience the benefits.

If you can breathe – you can meditate

That’s the pure simple truth of the matter. All you need is 10-minutes to get started. I personally find 20-minutes is optimal for me, but when I’m really tired or stressed or my brain is bursting or I’m just plain cranky Mumma bear, I take myself to a quiet place, set the alarm on my phone for 10-minutes, close my eyes and breathe…

You can do meditation any time, anywhere and it’s free!

The benefits are worth giving it a go…

How to get started

There are lots of ways to meditate. I find when you’re starting out, a guided meditation is best. So to help you get started with these two guided meditations from one of my books called ‘Life Happens – What are you going to do about it?”

Silent Mind, Peaceful Heart: Beginners Introduction to Meditation

Today I Choose: A great way to start the day

So before you say you can’t meditate or don’t have time, give yourself a little gift and take 10-15minutes of self-care. Don’t worry – you can’t get it wrong. With

Some resources you may find helpful

Key Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

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