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Life can be big sometimes, but somehow we find the grit to handle the curveballs. At the same time we’re handling our stuff, we need to be conscious of the conversations to be had with our little peeps.

Children, especially very little ones, are super sensitive and intuitive to other peoples feelings. This is why if you’re stressed they become agitated and uncomfortable. 

So how should we handle big conversations with Little Peeps? Susie Taaffe, Mum to a 7, 9 & 11-year-old shares her experience in Episode 4 of ‘Tude Talk TV.

Handling life’s curveballs

In 2015, Susie had not just one, but three of life’s curveballs thrown at her. Divorce left her to look after her 1, 3 & 5year old alone. On top of that, her husband’s failed business meant Susie had to change her career from being a FIFO Engineer to starting her own business so she could manage care for her kids.

As Susie shares, her children didn’t start asking questions until they were a bit older. Some of the key things she learnt through the experience and her research whilst figuring out how to move through the experience are things we wouldn’t be aware of unless we actively seek out the information. “Always remember your children identify as being 50% you and 50% the other parent, so however you feel about the other parent, your little ones will feel you feel that way about them too,” says Susie.

“You as the parent have the choice to choose the tone of your conversation, whether it’s coming from a positive or negative place.”

This episode covers a wide range of topics and is applicable whether you have 2-year-olds or Tweens. We talk about what conversations are coming up now Susie’s Little Peeps are older [8:50], body image conversations, the power of words [12:40], respect [13:40], safe zones [14:31], discipline and tantrums (adult and Little Peeps) [15:20].

You can listen to the full episode of ‘Tude Talk TV (24:54 mins or play on fast speed).


  1. The Little Peeps identify as 50% you and 50% of their other parent. [3:25]
  2. Little Peeps will pick up on your energy more than your words, so get yourself feeling good as a priority. [4:13]
  3. Get help to process the changes and your feelings to bring you back to your centre. Find a Psychologist or other professional to help you work through the journey. [1:38], [4:30],
  4. Video your kids funny moments, you’ll thank yourself later.


Many Thanks to Susie Taaffe for sharing her experiences. Susie creates fashion products that help women feel amazing every day. Her first product is called Petti-pants Underwear, designed to prevent the dreaded chafe whilst feeling like you are wearing nothing! You can find out more on Susies website and follow her on Insta.

Photo by Alysha Rosly on Unsplash

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