Domestic Violence is more common than you think. That’s Not Ok! | Choose the 'Tude


Domestic Violence is more common than you think. That’s Not Ok!

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One of the reasons I started Choose the ‘Tude was because my daughter was being bullied badly at the tender age of 5. That started me on a journey of discovery into social issues and more importantly what can be done to break the cycles.

I talked with Kate Edward’s, who after escaping a serious Domestic Violence situation and having her baby boy diagnosed with autism, she decided to make a massive change in her life and support as many mums as possible with resources, education and ways to create an income. Kate’s work is very aligned with the why behind Choose the ‘Tude, which is to positively impact future communities by supporting parents to raise happy little humans.

Domestic Violence is a serious social issue that is unfortunately very common in our communities. Kate experienced domestic violence and is out the other side, now loving life. She is a passionate women’s safety advocate who cares deeply and shares openly in the hope it may support others experiencing DV.

Kate shares:

  • Domestic Violence is a very broad issue, there are many types including emotional, financial and physical. [1:32] Emotional abuse and gas lighting [18:17].
  • What are the signs that things aren’t normal? [3:28], Kate gives lots of examples that could be indicators that you are experiencing a degree of DV, even if it’s subtle, it’s not ok. For example are you being made to do certain things? Is that person controlling? Are you able to do your own thing with freewill? Are you able to communicate with other people on a normal level? Are you isolated…?
  • If we understand the root causes of social issues, we can figure out ways to avoid them. Often DV is rooted in childhood issues. [6:40]
  • When you choose a partner, ask a lot of questions to make sure you don’t see any red flags if you can. stay independent. [8:10] There may also be things going on for both parties, so it’s not about laying blame.
  • When it comes to getting out of a DV situation, there comes a certain point where you have to say “This is it, for the safety of myself and my child.” [11:20]
  • We are stronger than we know we are.

You can listen to the full episode of ‘Tude Talk TV (15 mins or play on fast speed).


  • If you are asking yourself “Is this normal?” the answer is probably “no”. It’s time to start talking to people.
  • Make sure you have the right network and community to reach out to. Have someone you can talk to. [11:38]
  • Know who you are getting involved with, be curious. Ask lots of questions.


Many Thanks to Kate for sharing her experience.

Kate Edwards is a huge advocate for mums in all aspects of their journey. She is the founder of the Mums Supporting Mums Network, [11:38] which is a highly engaged group of thousands of mums and a huge support network worldwide.

You can follow Kate on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash


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