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Over the decades I have launched and run several successful businesses, some online, some offline. The items I share below are the resources, sites, apps and tools suited to start ups and small businesses, in particular this one. If you’re in business or wish to start one, I can personally recommend these.

Keep an eye on the My Fav’s pages as I’ll continuously add to them over time.

To provide full transparency, I am an affiliate for some but not all of the products on this site. If you purchase anything using affiliated links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself, which helps me cover the costs to run this site. I only endorse products or services that I feel deserve it, and I personally use myself.

Quick Tips:

  • Want to save time and get the good stuff quickly? Listen on 1.5 or 1.75 x speed.
  • Zero extra time is needed to educate yourself if you listen while you do other things you normally do such as driving to and from places, making dinner or lunches, doing your exercise…
  • Every little bit counts… it doesn’t matter if you listen 15 minutes a day or an hour – every little bit counts and be sure to have a note book or digital recorder handy to jot down the key lessons learnt.

Podcasts + Audio Books

Podcast: Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy gives simple steps and strategies to take your online marketing from ineffective to awesome.

Listen on Apple Podcast

Podcast: Her Business

Suzi Dafnis shares juicy business bites that are practical and easy to implement immediately.

Listen on Apple Podcast

Podcast: Content Sells

Another great podcast by Suzi Dafnis with Michelle Falzon. Everything you need to know about creating content that converts!

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Podcast: Goal Digger

Jenna Kutcher covers a huge range of topics including building your business, online marketing and looking after yourself.

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Podcast: SPI (Smart Passive Income)
Small business growth and development podcast. Pat interviews some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Slightly more advanced than Ask Pat (above).

Apple Podcast player also available via Stitcher and other podcasting platforms

Book: The 4-Hour Work Week

An oldie, but a goodie. Although I don’t prescribe to every concept in this book, it certainly has some great ideas.

Audio book or if you prefer the physical book, check it out here.
*Affiliated link

Podcast: Ask Pat
Pat Flynn coaches small business and start-up entrepreneurs live. Great for newbies to business.

Apple Podcast player also available via Stitcher and other podcasting platforms

Apps & Websites

Disclaimer: I’m very passionate about business and helping people to start and grow businesses. There are so many great apps to help you build and market a business #techygeek #appfreak. Note to self: this website is not about that, so I’m only sharing the top few that I have used to build this particular site.

Website + app: Canva
The best design tool for non-designers. Save $1000’s by doing small artwork projects yourself. Also great for creating website and social posts.
*Affiliated link for credits not commissions

Website: Bluehost
After trying many, Bluehost is the website hosting company I use. Very cost-effective and simple to use. Great support when required.
*Affiliated link

Marketing Calendar: Coschedule
We plan all our marketing campaigns and posts using Coschedule. It saves us time as we can plan our social posts as we write a blog post, and requeue them to schedule not just once, but several times into the future.
*Affiliated link

Blog site: WordPress
Free blogging and website building platform.

Website theme: Cheer Up
Choosing a theme can take forever. I love the Cheer up theme from Envato Theme Forest. There are so many styles and options to choose from, yet even a novice like me can use it.

Email delivery Tool: Flodesk
Flodesk is an extremely simple to use email delivery platform with loads of great templates that make designing amazing looking emails easy. There is a free version. The paid subscription is normally USD$38/month but you get 50% off (USD$19/month no locked in contracts) if you use our affiliate code above.
*Affiliated link

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