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When I grow up I want to be…

A social enterprise that gives back to our community in ways I could never do as an individual.

As part of the business mission, I want to positively impact the lives of working parents and their little peeps.

How? By generating a profit that can fund community projects that benefits families.  I have two social projects I’m passionate about, and I’d love to hear your vote.

A little story…

My kids attend a state school. I love the values of the school and everyone seems really friendly and supportive. They seem to love it as well and have awesome teachers.

I was really surprised one day in the midst of summer, my daughter came home and made a comment about being really hot in the classroom. Ok, so it was a hot day 89 degrees and humid. I asked her “Do you have airconditioning in your room?” and she said, “Yes Mum, but the teacher turned it off.” That struck me as a little strange, but figured they wanted to save power.

Over the next few weeks, Miss D came home and her lunch box comprised of bits and pieces on food each with one or two bites taken from them. I queried “What’s happening with your lunch Miss? Why are you only taking a few bites, you must be hungry”. She replied, “The food tastes a bit yuck Mum. It gets hot outside where our cubbies are, and my lunch tastes horrible by the time I get to eat it.”

Fair call on her part. Although I’m always careful what I put in the lunch boxes, I couldn’t argue with the crusty sandwich and shrivelled fruit. There’s no way food will keep fresh in 38+ degree humid weather.

I sense a challenge, that I would love to help solve:
The cost of providing and running fridges and airconditioning in every classroom must be quite exy, and is probably a bit too much for State schools to justify. However I’m sure our little peeps would do better in class if they are comfortable and well nourished.

Social Project Idea 1:  To help fund solar systems for State Schools

Sure the Government announced they were going to do it several years ago. I’m not sure how far they have got through that program, but I do know there are several schools around my area that don’t have airconditioning or fridges in every classroom.

Social Project Idea 2: Support working families to reduce the cost of child care

Our family has spent a fortune on child care over the years. Although I appreciate the carers and all the great work they do, as a Mum I can’t help but feel conflicted. Do I get a full-time job/career and spend the equivalent of a mortgage on child care so I can work and miss out on the formative years with my little peeps? Or do I not work and forgo the career/financial benefits?

It’s a catch 22 for so many working parents.

I would love to support working families to reduce their child care expenditure by creating a fund that can provide nominated families with a random act of kindness in the form of child care relief subsidies.

Ok so I haven’t figured out exactly how to do this yet, and I need to make a profit first to be able to fund it. I believe it’s essential to have a business goal that’s bigger than me and my families needs. Stretching beyond self and focusing on a significantly far spread impact inspires me to work late at night, leap out of my comfort zone and do things I would not normally do.

So which would you vote for?

A) Fund Solar for Schools, or
B) Child Care relief subsidy fund

Please leave a comment below to help me decide which would be more useful to you.

With Grati-Tude!


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