How to encourage healthy food choices and avoid fussy little eaters

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I’ve got to confess, I’m not the most informed when it comes to nutrition. I know the basics and we eat fresh foods as much as possible. One thing we have a challenge within our family is a fussy little eater. 

My daughter eats almost anything, in fact, she has expensive taste and ate olives, muscles, soft cheeses and the like from an early age. She’s happy to try anything.  

Mr T on the other hand has a very sweet tooth and is incredibly particular about what he eats. He’s the last to finish any meal unless it’s dessert (which we don’t have very often). 

In this episode of ‘Tude Talk TV I chat with Alyssa Graham about food choices and how we can encourage our little peeps to create healthy habits when it comes to eating.

Alyssa shares:

  • She found that young people were having food and body image struggles. [1:56]
  • Her personal experience with an eating disorder which lasted about 7-8 years, which inspired her to do what she does today, nutitrion and health coaching [2:45]
  • Her goal to get into schools as she is seeing primary school level children having struggles with their body image, as young as 10 years of age. [3:47]
  • [5:04] From her own experience neither her or her parents would have suspected a body image or disordered eating challenge in her future.
  • How early does prevention start? And should we be worried about fussiness in our Little Peeps? [5:33]
  • Children are intuitive about food as soon as they are born. [6:32] + [11:36]
  • Shifting your perspective from expecting children to eat a certain way and particular foods to what can I control. She shares 5 principles you can use to support your Little Peeps healthy eating choices. [7:48]
  • Offer a variety of foods and continue to offer them even if the Little Peep rejects them. Their tastes will change and one day they will try it and maybe enjoy it. [13:20]
  • Where our food habits come from [14:24] and the type of language to avoid when referring to food [15:39]
  • Eating disorders are prevalent in tweens and teens, and they aren’t at a core level about food. There are some things we can do earlier to prevent future disordered eating. [18:39]
  • The signs we should be aware of to detect a developing issue [22:06]
  • If you are worried about your child’s food habits, where to go for help or advice. [24:35]

You can listen to the full episode of ‘Tude Talk TV (34mins or play on fast speed).


  • Don’t wait until there is a problem, seek knowledge and assistance beforehand so you can truly prevent potential problems.
  • Learn and use the A.E.I.O.U of healthy food habits [7:48]


Many Thanks to Alyssa for sharing her insights.

Alyssa Graham is a nutrition and health coach specialising in supporting parents and their children with positive food and body relationships. She equips you with the tools to know how to model healthy eating habits and body confidence, as well as how to best support your child in their food and body image development. 

You can find out more on Alyssa’s website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Photo by Ekaterina Shakharova on Unsplash


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  1. Alyssa says:

    Thanks so much Robyn for the opportunity to join you on ‘tude talk TV’. I really enjoyed our chat about how to support little ones in their intuitive eating journey. I hope parents can use some of this information in their day to day meal making!

    • Robyn says:

      My pleasure Alyssa. Thanks for sharing the A E I O U relating to healthy food habits. Very helpful indeed! I’m sure parents will gain a lot from the ‘Tude Talk TV episode and think about the language used around food and how they model healthy habits.

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