How to create a Calm Space for Little Peeps

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Everyone needs a little time out sometimes. We all need a space to feel safe and calm, where we can chill out and relax. It’s great to have a dedicated ‘Calm Space’ or as Miss D calls it “An Oasis of Calm”.

Calm spaces are perfect for helping your Little Peeps chill out when they need to calm the emotions and regulate their big feelings, but they are just as beneficial for Big Peeps too.

Instead of giving your Little Peeps ‘time out‘, which is like a punishment for having feelings, try giving them ‘time in‘ their Calm Space where they can take a breather, focus on something positive and build up those little synapses in the brain to focus on the stuff that feels good.

The benefits of dedicated Calm Spaces include:

  • Your calm space becomes an anchor to induce calmness and reduce stress simply because that’s the meaning you have given it and your experience when you are in it. Over time your brain will build positive connections associated with your calm space and you’ll relax faster.
  • It’s a special, safe space of your own you can go to when you need to relax or reset.
  • You decide who is invited into your calm space. #InvitationOnly

All of the above are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing calmness and happiness, which are great for a healthy body and mind.

How to create a Calm Space:

I highly recommend creating a haven for your Little Peeps as a chill-out zone. It doesn’t have to be in their bedroom, but I find if you have more than one Little Peep, using an area in their bedroom is a good way to protect their space simply because it’s in their dedicated zone, which subconsciously communicates to others to respect their space.

Creating a chill-out zone is pretty simple and doesn’t require a lot of space or things.


  • Let your Little Peeps design it so it has meaning for them and they feel ‘ownership’ of their creation.
  • It needs to be comfortable.
  • Allow them to choose 2-3 things they want to include in their space. It’s not about making a mountain of teddies. The less clutter the better. These can always be swapped around later.
  • Use colour to brighten or soften the mood of the space.

Three really simple ideas you could try:

My daughter created an “oasis of calm” (her words, not mine) using a mosquito net (easily obtainable online) + 1-2 colourful cushions. She swaps soft toys depending on her mood.

This one is from Spotlight, but you can find them online in lots of styles and colours.

A tranquil teepee is super easy to make. Simply purchase a kids teepee (easily available online) + 1-2 cushions or a blanket.

Tee Pees can also be found easily online in lots of sizes and colours.

Build an educational/motivational art wall with positive messages to reinforce choices and aspirations. We use the ‘Tude Wall Art Collections which have a range of wall art suitable for Little Peeps and Bigger Peeps.

For adults, use the same principles, but you may want to find a nice, sunlit spot in the house where you can set up a little side table and a special chair. Or if you enjoy yoga or meditation, find a quiet corner of the home or garden where you can set up a mat, candles or quiet music. The more personalised the better. It’s about creating a calm uncluttered space where your body and mind can relax.

What would you include in your Little Peeps calm space? Share in the comments below.

Check out these resources:

How to create a haven at home to support emotional health by Nicole Salmon from The Organised Life

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  1. Ashi sharma says:

    Really informative for me and actually easy to follow. Going to try it soon

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