How to create a haven at home to support emotional health

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GUEST POST: Nicole Salmon from The Organised Life

Feeling a little stressed, or emotions getting the better of you? Then perhaps it’s time to get your space in order!

Having a space that supports all facets of our lifestyle needs is highly important when living a lifestyle of less stress and more ease. I recently chatted with Nicole from An Organised Life to get her perspective on how the space around you can impact your emotional health.

Here’s what Nicole has to share…

“Having a messy space can leave us feeling distracted, unmotivated, and frustrated. It is also known to reduce our productivity and induce a state of stress.

“And just like those dishes that if left unwashed, are still there the next day. If we are living in an environment that’s constantly chaotic and distracting without taking the time to sit and be in a space of calm then our emotions can do the same.

​”Before too long they too can continue to build and mount up, causing emotional distress, impacting our health, home, and more.

Piles of clutter…is distracting and wastes time whether it’s in the office, kitchen or anywhere else in your home.
A clean, organised space allows you to focus on important things.

“The impact of having a space that serves and supports our emotional needs helps to soothe the mind and body, creating a sense of security, stability, acceptance, calm, and comfort.

“By creating a space that induces calm helps you to process thoughts, feelings, and emotions and have you gaining greater emotional intelligence whilst further accomodating the emotional needs of everyone in your home.” says Nicole.

“By creating spaces in your home that welcome a sense of peace and calm are important for a balanced home.”

Some things to consider when creating your emotional haven at home:

  • What are the needs of your home?
  • How many family members must you consider whilst setting up your space?
  • What is your current space like and where would best suit to create that space/s?
  • How will you be using that space?
  • What do you currently have that you could utilise to create a space of calm? For example a your favourite Spotify list, yoga mat, essential oils, candles, a favourite chair, a Tee Pee for kids with cushions and blankets…
  • What items might you need to bring into your space to create your haven? For examples storage boxes for different kids activities or drawers for your journal or notebooks.

“I love using what we call ‘Calm Boxes’ in our home which are great for the children to grab when they feel they need some chill time in their day. We fill them with their favourite books, mindful colouring activities and card games.

“We also have a piano that the children love to use that has huge therapeutic benefits. This along with our fave music playlist works wonders for our home,” she says.

So there you have it, some great ways you can start to create a haven at home that will help to serve and support your emotional needs. Reducing everyday mess also reduces stress, and creating a space to support calm and ease in your day is a great way to harmonise your home. It’s always handy to have a dedicated space when you or the Little Peeps need it. Here are some simple ways to create a Calm Space for Little Peeps.

Your home is your haven, and you deserve to have a special spot to relax and rejuvenate.

Want to know how you can clear the clutter and set up systems of success in your home to live a more organised life with less stress and more ease then head on over to www.nicole-salmon.com to find out more!

And just quietly she has the most organised fridge I’ve ever seen – check out her Insta for some #InstaEnvy and ideas #OranisationEnvy!

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