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How to delegate Age-appropriate chores to your Little Learners

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It’s easy to get into the habit of doing everything for our Little Learners. You’re busy and time is scarce, so Yes, sometimes it’s quicker to do it yourself. I get it – I’ve been there. But STOP! Getting your little ones to learn to do chores and help around the house is an important development skillset. You are inadvertently robbing your child of precious life lessons.

Little Learners are great little helpers and between the ages of 2-5 especially, all they want to do is show you they can do things independently and they are Mummy’s awesome little helper.

Teaching your little ones to do these make take a little extra time now, but will be a great time hack and saver for you in future. See these moments as investments in your and your Little Learners futures.

So next time you go to sweep the floor or tidy up the toys. Stop and think – how can you turn this into a skills and confidence development opportunity for your little one?

Here is a list of age-appropriate chores you could start with:

Please choose chores that are appropriate to your Little Learners abilities. There is no set stage or age to achieve these chores. The point is to not do everything for your Little Learners, when they could be developing and learning to do things themselves.

Age 2:

  • Tidying toys away after playing
  • Water outside plants
  • Fill the pets food bowl
  • Put dirty clothes in the washing basket
  • Wipe up small spills
  • Stack books or magazines
  • Tidy pens, crayons, pencils away

Age 3:

All of the above +

  • Folding tea towels
  • Get the mail
  • Make the bed (it’s ok if it’s not perfect)
  • Sort their clothes from the washing basket
  • Put their clothes away
  • Use a dustpan and brush to tidy up small messes
  • Use a small hand-held vacuum (if you have one)
  • Help wash the car

Age 4:

All of the above +

  • Help with dusting in designated areas
  • Water the indoor plants
  • Sort washing for everyone
  • Learn to fold their washing
  • Help weed the garden

Age 5:

All of the above +

  • Take the rubbish bins in and out
  • Set the table
  • Clear dishes from the table
  • Help make their lunch
  • Answer the phone

Age 6:

  • Stack the dishwasher or clean simple dishes
  • Help put away groceries
  • Shower themselves properly
  • Help with baking or cooking (supervised)
  • Sort the washing

Age 7:

  • Make their lunches
  • Clean up after dinner
  • Use the vacuum cleaner
  • Unpack the dishwasher and put dishes away
  • Help prepare meals and tidy up
  • Fold the washing

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

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