Statistics paint a shocking picture of social issues escalating in our society. The time is right to attempt to reverse damaging social trends that cost our country billions of dollars and impact millions of lives each year. 

This six-part docuseries combines reenactments based on real life experiences of bullying with unscripted evaluations and thoughts by subject matter experts who unravel the causes and offer possible solutions and strategies available to resolve problems.

Each episode focuses on a different type of bullying and how the techniques continue and change at different life stages from early childhood to adulthood. We consider the neurological, psychological and social impacts of bullying. 

 We aim to encourage the audience to ask "What does this say about us as a society? What is our part in it and how can we do better?" and ultimately start conversations and change actions to build a kinder, more connected future community.

The team

Robyn Simpson
Creator, Co-Producer

Bill Hughes
Director, Co-Producer

Tonia Stangherlin

Led by one of Australia's most experienced Directors, Bill Hughes, our team is passionate and dedicated to making a positive impact by increasing awareness of damaging social trends and bringing together subject matter experts to share their insights on causes and preventative measures.

Bill brings his extensive experience directing and producing some of Australia's most popular dramas including The Killing Field starring Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters, McLeod's Daughters, All Saints, Winners and Losers and many more.

Robyn is the creator of the concept. She is a mother of two and brings the parents' voice having conducted research with hundreds of parents grappling to answer questions about parenting including those not experienced by previous generations. Robyn's role incorporates creating partnerships to fund and distribute the docuseries, engage and coordinate subject matter experts and business management.

Tonia is our creative gem who brings the ideas and scenes to life with authenticity through her writing prowess. 

Our subject matter experts

Our subject matter experts include some of todays leading parenting, neurological + psychological researchers, authors + practitioners. Here are just a few of the many experts we are privileged to have working with us on this Docuseries:

Prof matt sanders: 

Dr Kirsty Goodwin:
Digital wellness author + researcher

Dr micahel nagel: 
Child/Adolescent Development & Learning author + lecturer

Dr kathy murray:
future strong education

Yasmin London:
ysafe cyber safety

nathan wallis:
Developmental Neuroscience

Dr jodi richardson: 
Psychologist + anxiety, mental wellness author

With more announced soon...

psychologist, Author + Positive Parenting program