A simple Community Engagement 

  • Access to the main Kind Community Portal for all citizens
  • The Kindness Counts Challenge
  • Kind Community Kit
  • Kind Community Certifying + Certified logos + brand guide
  • Kind Community Certification
  • Nominate Organisations or Citizens for Kindness Awards
  • Cobrandable DFY Social Media Posts
  • Access to the Kind Community Private Portal to plan your Kind Initiatives (see Pricing table below for more inclusions)*
  • Kind Community Agreement + KWW Kindness Week Pledge
  • 1 Private Onboarding Session*
  • 1 x Facilitated Consulting Meeting*
  • Quarterly Kind Community Champion Sessions*
  • Monthly Group Tips + Q&A Sessions*
  • Access Guides, Tools, Templates + Resources to make it super easy to implement initiatives
  • Community #'s
  • Dedicated Kind Campaign Consultant**

benefits of being a kind community

  • A welcoming + kind town
  • Positive community engagement
  • Simple Kind Community Initiatives
  • Kind culture
  • Reduced bullying + crime
  • Increased well-being
  • Positive brand equity that attracts more visitors + citizens
  • Collaborative marketing opportunities
  • Networking

Kind community Membership + Certification
is focused on creating kind community cultures.

what's included

This unique program is affordable + easy to implement

*Done With You option.   **Done With You option for >100K populations.


certification criteria

To become a fully certified Kind Community complete the following simple acts of kindness within 12 months of registering

Complete the Kindness Commitment document + send a copy to hello@choosethetude.com

Commit to promoting kindness at work, at home + in your community daily, encompassing kindness for self, others, + our environment by encouraging your team to get involved in the Kind Community Project + your chosen Kindness Initiatives + corresponding campaigns.

Capture acts of kindness + share them on the Kind Community Project platform with #KindnessCounts + your community # 2x a week to collaboratively lift the positivity bias in the community.

Commit to hosting 3 x 'Welcome to our Community Events' or public activations + share them on the Kind Community Project.

Commit to hosting 1 x Awards Celebration Event in your town.

Purchase the Kind Community Kit (Included in your Registration Fee)

Nominate at least 6 people for a #KindnessCounts Award.

Advise us when you have completed your Initiatives so we can celebrate you + send your official Kind Company Certificate.

You will need empower 2 dedicated Kind Community Champion/s from your team who will be available to attend online sessions + has the skills + support to implement the initiatives.

We like to tread lightly on the planet + we respect your time, so to keep things simple we deliver most things via the Kind Community Project portal.

The Kind Community Project is all about humans connecting with humans, so everyone is required to create a personal profile with a pic of themselves (no company logos).

questions? book a call


ANNUAL registration fee:

$5,000 per city

Kind Community Kit

Done With You

$1,000 per city

Kind Community Certificate

Do It Yourself

Kind Community Branding

1 x Facilitated Consulting Session

Press Release Template

Co-brandable Social Media Posts

Kind Community Agreement

Access to Kind Community Project free platform

Access to the Kind Community Private Portal

  • Step by Step Event Guides
  • Templates
  • Monthly article for use in your newsletter + socials
  • Chat Support

choose from the following options

51k-100k popn

<50k Popn 

Monthly Group Tips + Q&A Sessions including access to recordings

Quarterly Kind Community Champion Sessions (online)

Dedicated Kind Campaign Consultant

>100k Popn

1 x Private Onboarding Session

$10,000 per city

$15,000 per city

$2,000 per city

$3,000 per city

>100k popn