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Kids are creative – I love that about them! My kids have a habit of mashing up words to come up with new ones, or explaining things in their own innocent unabridged way. Here are a few examples of how they describe things they are experiencing in life… I share these as I find them innocently entertaining, and each of them bought a smile to my day.

Context Quote from Mr TAge
Water helicopters flying around helping to put out fires
I guess if you put hearing and heard together, you get hearding…
“There it is! I was hearding it!” 5
Tyes favourite food (ravioli carbonara) Plasta!  3-5
Mr T: “You guys don’t care about nature anymore!”
Parents: “What do you mean?”
Mr T: “You eat animals!”
Observing the neighbours dog Opal malting “Mum! Why is Opal falling apart?” 5
Big W, looking for school equipment and stationery, preparing for COVID-19 lock down
Extract… pretty close to distract. At least I think that’s what he meant.
“Oh Mum! Let’s get this (outdoor musical mat)! This  will extract us!”

Playing I spy I in the car. Miss D says “I spy something beginning with L”“What?! Elle – Johnnies sister?! Where?” 5
COVID-19 working from home and homeschooling, conference calls are a common occurence throughout the day“How many confidence calls do you have today, Mum?”5
Context Quote from Miss DAge
Disastrophy: Disaster + Catastrophe = ok so a little dramatic, but it gives a sense of the scale of a problem don’t you think? “Mum! That’s a disastrophy!”
Spotting her hair on the ground after brushing it… “Mum! I’m shredding!” 7
Miss D exclaiming after getting a fright “My skin jumped high!” 4
Miss D walks into the master bedroom wearing a pair of Mums high heels “Dad! Look! I’m rising up in the world!” 5
An unprompted conversation between Miss D & Mum after school one day“I will have a good job, love my people and live a happy life.” 7
Reminding Dad to get Roundup weed spray in Bunnings…“Dad! You’ve got to get the wind up thing (making circle gestures in the air with her finger).”
Dad: “We’ve just got it Mr… it’s Round Up.”

Got any funny Mummy moments, kid mash ups and mix ups you’d like to share? Comment below.

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