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Sometimes the fastest way to change a habit or get clear on a solution is to talk it through with someone who has been there done that.
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Juggling career + care is a bit of a mind bender at times. Not to mention you're generally on the back foot with a relentless to-do list and a tonne of commitments and conflicting calendar invitations.
I get it, and I'll make sure our time together is well spent so you can get on with the important things in life.

So you're stuck and can't seem to see the wood for the trees?
That's a frustrating spot to be in, but together we can work it out and get you back in your groove.

You don't have to do it alone.

Get to the nitty gritty

How It Works

Book a time that suits you and your busy schedule.


Get clear on the challenge you'd like help with.
Turn off alarms, alerts and zoom with me.


We will spend 45-minutes focused on you, finding a practical solution to your problem. 



Not so long ago, I was parenting on autopilot juggling a corporate career + child care. Life was chaos!

It's the same for so many professional women with little peeps. It's demanding and exhausting and you never seem to get a break.

But don't worry, there are adjustments that can be made that don't add extra time or demands to your day. These adjustments will help you say "Bye" to Mum Guilt and "Hi" to being a calm and confident parent raising happy little humans.

i can help because i've been there

Here's What You Need

More moments to breathe

Instead of impulsively reacting in the moment, I can help you take a moment, get clear and respond from a place of intention.

better balance + boundaries

Setting boundaries and agreements with your self and those around you does wonders for helping you get your equilibrium back.

some simple + practical tools

It's time to learn some new tools and strategies to help you and your Little Peeps develop socially and emotionally together.

Robyn is very compassionate and understanding. She has a unique ability to get the best out of people. She is strong and to the point with compassion for the individual.

She is able to use knowledge and experience to objectively look at situations and give thoughtful and relevant responses. She gives independent and unbiased views.


Replace chaos with calm confidence.

How does this sound?

Get your equilibrium back by engaging others in every day contributions.



Swap reactive and impulsive parenting with intentional responses.


Invest in your Little Peeps by investing in yourself and become a great role model.


Less challenging 'Tudes and back chat, and more respect for self, others and things.


Is This Right For You?

no lock in contracts

after hours appointments

YOu WANT TO BE a better mum

You're so tired of being tired

somethings got to change before you break

Find a time that suits you and book it in. It's that simple.

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