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Morning ‘Tude Choice

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Set up the day by using this simple little morning routine:

When waking the kids in the morning, try this quick little exercise to set them up for a positive day.

  1. Give your little peep a cuddle.
  2. Ask them about their dreams, then
  3. Ask “What ‘Tude would you like to choose today?” Encourage a positive ‘Tude – here are some to help you
  4. Anchor their choice so they can take it with them for the day.
    • Take their hand and ask them what it feels like to experience that ‘Tude while gently pressing your finger into their palm (alternatively get them to hold a favourite item they can take with them during the day – something little). Ask them to imagine the feeling twice as big, all through their body, and press the same spot in their palm or get them to squeeze the item. Repeat two or three times, encouraging them to make the experience bigger each time.
  5. Explain to them if they want to remind themselves of today’s ‘Tude, they can press that spot on their hand or simply touch or squeeze the item.
  6. Reinforce it by asking them how they will use it to make their day amazing.

If they have a ‘Tude chart they can write it on the chart or choose a ‘Tude sticker, arm band or stamp. You could also leave a ‘Tude Memo from Mum in their lunchbox to remind them of their choice during the day.

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