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How to use NLP Anchoring to access and maintain a positive state of mind

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Anchoring is a simple technique you can use to access a positive state of mind. You can set up anchors for yourself or your little ones. The key is to create them before you need them.

Why use Anchors?

Anchoring is a quick way to change from an unsupportive state of mind to a positive one. You can use it anywhere, at any time. It’s simple to set up, and simple to use.

How to set up an Anchor:

  1. Identify something you would like to change or make better choices around, e.g. exercising more.
  2. Use the Pattern Interrupt to flip the undesired behaviour/attitude to something you would prefer, e.g. vitality and health.
  3. Choose a place you would like to anchor the results – it could be on your palm, your wrist or linking your hands.
  4. Think about how great it would feel to be living in the desired state. What emotions would you feel, what would think about yourself, what words would you use to describe yourself, how would life be better, how would you look, what other benefits are there, how would others see you? E.g. lots of energy, healthy and active, enjoying life to the max, doing fun stuff with the family, feeling great about myself and proud of the achievement.
  5. Once you can feel it, press your finger or thumb into the anchor spot you chose earlier. This process is ‘anchoring’ the energy and feelings into a concentrated place that is easily accessible later.
  6. Now imagine the feeling twice as big, all through your body, and press the same spot in your palm. Repeat two or three times, making the experience bigger each time until it’s bigger than you and the positive energy and benefits are very clear to you. That’s it – you’ve created your first Anchor!

When to use the Anchor:

Any time you want to experience that feeling or remind yourself of the outcome you want, press that spot on your hand. If you have programmed it well enough, you will activate the anchor simply by pressing on that spot.

Reinforce it by deciding what you will do next to create your desired state, and take action – every little bit counts.

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