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Reset Reconnect Redirect Program


Life can be tricky...

Created for women at a crossroads trying to make a big decision but you're feeling stuck + unclear on the right direction to take.

  • Stuck in the busyness + can’t see a way out of it
  • Mum guilt plagues your thoughts because you’re not there for your kids as much as you’d like
  • You’ve lost your focus + direction. You know what you DON'T want, but can’t figure out what you DO want
  • You’re experiencing exhaustion + your mental health has taken a turn for the worse
  • You feel undervalued + taken for granted trying your hardest to please everyone, but feeling like you’re failing them all
  • Life changing health issues are impacting your quality of life
  • You're in a constant state or worry or stress
  • Burnout or exhaustion from doing too many things
  • Deteriorating relationships or divorce, or loss of a loved one
  • You've been overlooked or used as a doormat either at work or home
  • A feeling of helplessness or hopelessness...

Life throws some curve balls that can change your direction unexpectedly.
Relationship breakdowns, starting a family or empty nesting, career changes, health challenges, redundancy, ageing...
These can happen to anyone and most of us are under prepared.

This PROGRAM is perfect for you if you are experiencing any of these: 

My soul purpose is to support you to move from your current uncomfortable or stressful reality to a future that is inspiring + positive. 

but would love...

  • A clear purpose + direction
  • Vitality, energy, wellbeing + good health
  • Balance + calm
  • To be in control of your time
  • The confidence to be uniquely you, free from other people's expectations or strong holds
  • Freedom to do what you love
  • Positive + healthy relationships
  • To be the best role model you can be to your family
  • A sense of value + respect
  • To stop repeating the patterns of the past

I get it + you can take a deep breath + relax... The Reset, Redirect, Reconnect Program is a 100% #JudgementFreeZone 

You probably suffered from ‘Good Girl Syndrome’ which has morphed into 'Superhuman Syndrome' + have lost the essence of your true self, whilst trying to live up to others expectations (real or perceived).

In order to fix things I’m betting you’ve tried...
  • Up-skilling
  • Saying ‘Yes’ to all the opportunities + things that come your way
  • Working 50 / 60 / 70+ hours to prove your commitment + worth
  • Getting up earlier + working later into the night
  • Personal development courses, podcasts + books
  • Meditation but your brain is too busy
  • Personal coaching or therapy... 
But nothing seems to work!

Let's face it, life can feel like you're sucking a lemon sometimes!

No matter what you try, you still can't break the cycle

The reason this is happening...

As humans we aren't designed to do everything on our own. We need connection, support, rest + a meaningful purpose to be happy. Life is about creating meaningful moments, whatever that means to you. You deserve to live life your way.

I am here to support you to do the same

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Life is good + I'm grateful for the experiences that have lead to this moment. Ladies, I share this because if I can do it so can you.

I know, because I've been there.

This is the Rubber Band Effect 2.0 at play. Unfortunately that is the way it's going to be if you don't unravel the internal entanglement that is keeping you stuck.

  1. You put a boundary in place but waver + flex, finally giving in for whatever reason.
  2. You make a decision, then second guess yourself + freeze unable to make a confident decision.
  3. You’ve had coaches + courses in the past but you’re still repeating the patterns despite how hard to try to do everything they ask perfectly + you blame yourself for not being able to change.

Here are some of the common mis-takes people make

I know, because I've been there.

It's true. There's no use in sugar coating it... life can be sour sometimes.

My life has taken many unexpected turns. Some exhilarating + some excruciatingly painful. It's not fun having a laundry list of challenging life experiences, but how we deal with those experiences makes the difference between a life well lived or a life wasted in pain + suffering.

Life happens to all of us... it's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrased about

I'm a person who says it how it is. After decades of being the 'good girl', doing as others expected (or at least what I thought they expected), I unknowingly graduated to 'Superhuman Syndrome'. Losing myself in a ridiculously busy life juggling all the things striving to meet extremely high standards (usually self imposed ~ sound familiar?), the final straw for me came in the form of some super serious health issues that sat me on my butt + forced me to rethink my future.

What made it really challenging was that everything felt out of my control. For the first time in my life I felt worthless. I was adrift without a clear purpose or direction. I found myself facing an extremely scary future with limited career choices. My freedom felt like it had been whisked away in an instant, I was questioning my identity + I had some huge decisions to make.

I realised I had to take back control of my health, my happiness + redesign my life...

I'm not one to wallow, afterall, I have written two books "Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude ~ Choose your 'Tude" + "Life Happens ~ What are you going to do about it". So I leaned into my NLP training + personal development library, dug deep + did the next phase of self-work with the assistance of my mentors. Today I'm back in the drivers seat, in control, happy, fulfilled + confident. I love what I do, I have purpose + I am confidently creating my experience daily whilst navigating health + balance.

A sneak peek at the program...

Revitalising Reset Method

Resetting your four main energy management systems (Neurological, psychological, mental, physical)

Learn to relax, rest + request help without guilt or shame to gain ‘you time’.

Deep Reconnection Process

Reclaim your connection with your true self, dropping the masks + expectations/ego so you can reclaim personal power + clarity.

This part is deeply transformational, most people are nicely surprised at how easily it happens (especially those who do Reset well).

We also move on to looking at the options + opportunities from your new-found sense of self + help you formulate an aligned clear direction including:
  • A personal deep dive into your internal drivers
  • Unlocking exciting options + opportunities
  • Crafting an aspirational future

Tailored Transformation Tool Kit

Life changing tools for life long affect that you can also use to teach your loved ones to improve their lives too.

Redirect + Redesign Personal Progress Plan

This is a really special stage all about finding your true north and creating a practical map to get there. We bridge the gap by creating a realistic, inspiring + practical action plan to get from here to there.
  • Bridging the gap
  • Action time
  • Revise + reschedule
  • Celebrate!

Most of all, you'll be supported by a warm, welcoming, non-judgemental guide who understands that life can happen + sometimes you find yourself somewhere unexpected + that's ok.

The Reset Reconnect Redirect Program is a special space designed especially for gorgeous women like you, so come + join me + start making steps to live life your way 🌷

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Think of it like a personal restructure.

Will this work?

I'm sure you're wondering why this will work when so many other things haven't + that's a fair question.

This works because we work with the root cause/s of your challenges. The reason other things haven't worked is because you've probably been dealing with the symptoms.

I use a unique mix of science based modalities blending neuroscience, psychology + human development to discover the root causes + gently unravel the internal entanglement.

This allows you to reset giving you a strong foundation to reconnect with your core self. 

It is a very personal experience + works for those who are ready to change.

The program has three key stages

It's not for everyone, it is for women on the cusp of change contemplating a big life decision.

Yes please, I'd love to have a chat

PS If you'd like to live an inspiring legacy + be a great role model to your family + friends, you're going to love what you learn inside The Reset Reconnect Redirect Program.

There's a magic that we simply can't put into words waiting for you inside ✨

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