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At the start of her Grade 2 year my daughter transitioned to a new school. She was both excited and anxious to start and met new friends.

She was Miss popular at her previous school. Unfortunately, the move to a new school didn’t go as anyone expected. The school is awesome, the dynamics between the children was a bit of a surprise. It seems girls develop their friendships quite early, and at the tender age of 7, she found it very challenging to make new friends. I was surprised as she was very confident in approaching people and looking out for others at her previous school and pre-school and loved to include everyone, so I guess she naturally thought that’s how little peeps at her new school would treat her.

After a few days of Miss D coming home upset because she was being excluded, I thought I’d try to help her out. This is how BUU came to be…Miss D and I had a little chat one night and started to develop a rhyming story. She asked if I could draw some pictures for it (and I’m no artist), so I decided to do something really simple that she and her brother could also create. And so BUU was born.

I’ve noticed other families showing similar concerns about how their little peeps may transition to a new school, so I’m thinking I may publish the book. Here’s a sneak peek of the production so far… what do you think?


And here is the final book available in digital or hard copy!

Changing schools can be scary + exciting all at the same time.

BUU helps little peeps changing schools to do so with confidence + excitement. Suitable for little peeps aged between 5-8 years old.

PLUS: Tips from Mum + Miss D (7) + BUU. Activity pages are also included. 

Things peeps like about this book…

  • The size is perfect for little hands.
  • BUU is cute and engaging, little peeps love BUU the ‘Tude dude!
  • The tips are helpful to teach little peeps.

If your little peeps are having challenges with anything, let me know in a comment and we’ll see if BUU can create something to help you too!

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