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Time Hacks: Planning for Busy Parents

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Time is a precious asset. Guard your time and invest it wisely and you’ll reduce stress in your life by getting the things that really matter done. Stretched for time? Here are some very simple and easy ideas to try out…

  • Family organiser: especially good if your memory is like mine #MemoryLikeSeive. I find the physical calendar in the kitchen, albeit old school and non-techy, works extremely well for our family. There is a column for each family member + celebrations + holidays/events. Note down everything on the calendar as soon as it pops up so you don’t miss a date. Check out our Family Organiser – it’s a godsend!
  • Meal planning: (I can hear the groan from here…) Don’t worry, this is nothing fancy – keep it simple and brief (and I only plan dinners BTW). So long as the choice of meal is healthy there’s a bit of variety and some favourites in there, your mind will be at ease. The act of thinking ahead allows you to not have to think of things at the last minute, making less than healthy choices or having hangry little critters asking “what’s for dinner Mum?” due to time pressures. We’ve included a meal planning section in the Family Organiser (see above).
  • Make appointments in your Google diary to get stuff done: I’ve been doing this in my professional and personal life for decades. I make appointments for myself for everything from shopping, to play dates, to clearing out the sh-office (shed/office). There are two great benefits:
    1. Once something is booked in the diary my mind is decluttered and relaxes knowing that task will get taken care of in good time.
    2. You know where you have the capacity – see the next point about saying No nicely.
    Hint: colour coding makes it easy to see what’s personal vs professional vs kids/family. I’m a visual person, so my brain takes in the colour coded sections more easily than using one colour only.
  • Say No nicely: this can be your sanity saviour. Have you ever said Yes to something you really didn’t want to nor had the time to do? #RhetoricalQuestion. Once you have a clear picture of what needs to be done by when you can get clear on your priorities and learn to say no nicely to things that aren’t on your list. By all means, fit things in where you have the capacity – just remember to book in a little recuperation time for yourself.

On a time saving mission? Check out a few of the other posts – there may be a little nugget awaiting that will make your life easier.

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