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Helping your Little Peeps to recognise their own ‘Tudes and choose new ones if they want to is a critical emotional regulation skill. Not only do they learn to identify and name their own ‘Tudes, they also develop their ability to identify other people’s ‘Tudes and choose how they respond to those.

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a memory jogger close at hand… so we put together a little menu of ‘Tudes and emotions to get you started. Use this if you’re encouraging one of your little peeps to chose a new ‘Tude or you are working on expanding their emotional vocabulary.

We created BUU the ‘Tude dude to help little peeps connect with the concept of each ‘Tude using visual, verbal and feeling cues. This list is some of the ‘Tudes BUU shares. Download our free formatted ‘Tude Chooser Menu.

‘Tude Choosing pointers

The study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) refers to the behaviour or attitude as being positive or negative, not the person. A ‘Tude is charged with energy and emotion and is referred to as ‘above the line’ if it is positive, and ‘below the line’ if it is negative. Check out The Pattern Interrupt exercise to see how that is applied in a simple and fun way.

POSITIVE ‘TUDES: (Above the line or feels good)

  • Happy
  • Cool
  • Chillaxed
  • Excited
  • Confident
  • Cuddly
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Friendly
  • Grati-tude
  • Adventurous
  • Tidy
  • Super

And because ‘Tudes can be negative too… (below the line as we say in NLP)

NEGATIVE ‘TUDES: (Below the line or doesn’t feel good)

  • Impatient BUU
  • Grumble bug BUU
  • Rude BUU
  • Worried BUU
  • Confused BUU
  • Gloomy BUU
  • Frustrated BUU
  • Bossy BUU

Feel free to use this list or make a list of your own. And remember, it’s the energy of the attitude that’s positive or negative, not the little peep. It’s easier to change a ‘Tude than change a person!

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