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Did you ever take a moment to contemplate attitudes and how they are a common denominator among all humans, no matter what race, religion or age?

Yes! We all have them. Whether we learn to consciously choose them and at what age starts to sort out the socially well adjusted and personally responsible peeps from the blamers and victims.


Think about it… Two-year-olds are great at displaying their ‘Tudes openly. They laugh and squeal with pleasure when things tickle their ‘Tudes. And they let rip with an emotional outburst as if the world is ending if things aren’t going their way. Either way it’s pretty clear how they are feeling.

We call it the ‘Terrible Two’s’ but really what’s going on inside these little peeps brains is uninhibited freedom to share their emotions. Their neurological systems are working perfectly. What they haven’t learnt yet is emotional self-regulation aka how to choose their ‘Tude.


As we grow and develop, most people learn to self manage and choose their ‘Tudes, which helps develop strong social skills and behaviours that allow us to function well in our community. Studies show that people who are positive tend to be successful in life.

If we don’t learn how to self regulate attitudes and emotions, we react to everything and everyone, sometimes in inappropriate and unfair ways. Tweens and Teens can be particularly susceptible to negative ‘Tudes as their hormones and neurological systems change.


Can you think of anyone in their later years who always looks at life from the perspective of the glass being half empty as opposed to half full? I can. And have you noticed that those people as they get older, get more negative?

That’s because humans (all humans) have a natural Negativity Bias. And if they haven’t been exposed to ways to change the balance in their brains to focus on the positive as opposed to the negative, their negativity bias gets stronger and stronger.

Tipping the scales

It’s ok – you can avoid you or your little peeps turning into a grumpy old peep. If you’re keen to learn and teach your little peeps how to choose a positive ‘Tude as opposed to a negative one check out our 2-minute ‘Tude Choosing Technique eCourses:

For those who need quick access to the ‘Tude Choosing tool!

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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