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What is a ‘Tude and why are they important?

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‘Tude is short for attitude, but the real question is, what is an attitude?
The Dictionary definition (for the OCD among us): “An attitude is something you feel strongly about and believe. Your attitude is the way that you think and feel about something, especially when this shows in the way you behave.”

My view… ‘Tudes are tiny things that have a huge impact. An attitude is a set of beliefs, feeling and emotions that drive behaviour. They can make your day great – full of fun and laughter, or sad and gloomy. I consider them to be our internal navigation system. Directing how we feel about our day and ourselves.

Most of us go through life not giving our ‘Tudes much attention. Many people allow ‘Tudes to happen to them, instead of proactively choosing them. Attitudes can change your whole day for the better if you take control of them.

To put all of this into little peeps speak:

‘Tudes are how you choose to think and feel about something. The meaning you choose to put on something and how you respond.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Mum says: How was your day at school?

Little Peep’s positive ‘Tude choice: Great! We did crafts and sports and it was so much fun!

Little Peep’s negative ‘Tude choice: Boring!

At this point you as the parent have a choice… be drawn into the negative ‘Tude and spiral downwards, or help your little peep to choose a better feeling ‘Tude… like so…

Mum’s response to flip the ‘Tude: What would you have preferred to do? Encourage them to think about what they would like to do, positively reinforce their new choice by asking questions and discussing how the new ‘Tude would feel, and bring the conversation back to what was good about their day. This is a form of Pattern Interrupt.

Here are a few little secrets…

  • You get to choose your ‘Tude any time you like. Cool huh?!
  • They are free, never run out. Awesomeness!
  • They are completely in your control. Nice…
  • They are contagious – so make sure you pass a positive one on. #passiton

When you really understand your attitudes are yours and yours alone, you unlock the potential for an awesome life.

You’re on a roll! More great things about ‘Tudes this way…

So ‘Tudes may be tiny, but they sure can have a big impact on your day. If you can choose them, you can choose how your day goes. Cool huh?!

Things to try:

Morning ‘Tude Choice

Pattern Interrupt


‘Tude Chooser Menu Downloadable – check out this blog post first

BUU the ‘Tude dude Activities and other fun stuff – Coming soon!

Check out other ‘Tude Choosing Tools for little peeps in the ‘Tude Shop.

For those who need quick access to the ‘Tude Choosing tool!

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