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Attitudes, Respect & Responsibility

Meet BUU!

BUU is the original 'Tude dude, who is on a mission to help little peeps choose their 'Tudes (attitudes, that is) and save parents' sanity!

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I'm Robyn, your new 'Tude Chooser go to girl.

Mum of two little peeps, self-confessed geek for all things ‘Tude related, business creator, prolific connector and student fascinated with neuroscience and developmental psychology, who loves to share the good stuff and a great skinny mocha. Welcome to my passion project and personal parenting sanity saver.

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hey there!

BUU the ‘Tude dude was created on my iPad late one evening to teach my two little peeps how to choose a positive attitude in a fun and engaging way. BUU’s mission is to teach little peeps positive life habits that will help them thrive.

Why? Because I’m a working Mum who wants to pass on things I wish I knew earlier to my kids before they need it. Like you, I’m doing my best to instil strong values in my little peeps whilst juggling care, career and everything else. BUU is my little helper, making ‘Tude choosing fun.

let me introduce buu!

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We take concepts from neuroscience and other disciplines to build fun and engaging ‘Tude Tools for parents and little peeps. We are creating a range of short eCourses, resources and interactive activities designed to teach little peeps great values and positive life skills during their formative years, focusing mainly on ages 3-8 years old (but here’s a little secret… this stuff works for peeps of all ages).

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