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Meet BUU!

BUU is the original 'Tude dude, who is on a mission to help little peeps choose their 'Tudes (attitudes, that is) and pass on valuable emotional regulation skills.

What we learn in our first 7 years is critical to how we make friends, learn and develop fundamental social skills and behaviours. In fact, it determines whether we are happy little peeps or not.

BUU is here to help you choose great 'Tudes any time you want to so you can happily Be Uniquely U (BUU).

Check out our range of Books, Activities, Games, 'Tude Charts, eCourses and more...

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This 30-minute on demand course will have your Little Peeps choosing their 'Tudes in no time!

Learn the key to emotional regulation and implement it as soon as you can. A little investment now will pay dividends for a long time to come.

Learn how to choose 'Tudes quickly!

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We take concepts from neuroscience and other disciplines to build fun and engaging ‘Tude Tools for parents and little peeps. We are creating a range of short eCourses, resources and interactive activities designed to teach little peeps great values and positive life skills during their formative years, focusing mainly on ages 3-8 years old (but here’s a little secret… this stuff works for peeps of all ages).

How we help

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Latest Research Project

Survey: Parents role in raising future citizens

Audience: Australian Working Parents with children aged (extended to) 0-8 years old

Objectives: The research looks at how parents feel about parenting, what they wish they knew earlier, what they feel is important for future generations and what their concerns are. It seeks to understand social and emotional wellbeing, where parents are getting support and parenting knowledge from and any potential gaps. 

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What we do as parents and role models today, matters tomorrow

Future Communities Project

Our vision is to support parents to develop the social and emotional skills of little ones to inspire positive future communities and reduce mental health issues.

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I'm Robyn, your new 'Tude Chooser go to girl.

Mum of two little peeps, self-confessed geek for all things ‘Tude related, business creator, prolific connector and student fascinated with neuroscience and developmental psychology, who loves to share the good stuff and a great skinny mocha. Welcome to my passion project and personal parenting sanity saver.

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