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Attitudes are small things that have a huge impact on how we feel and behave. This 30-minute on demand course will have your Little Peeps choosing their 'Tudes in no time!

Learn the key to emotional regulation and implement it as soon as you can. A little investment now will pay dividends for a long time to come. Check out our evidence based short course for parents, carers + educators.

Learn how to choose manage emotions + choose good 'Tudes

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Based on Neuroscience, NLP + Things I wish I knew Earlier

Personal Growth for Parents + Little Learners

Meet BUU!

BUU is the original 'Tude dude, who is on a mission to help little peeps choose their 'Tudes (attitudes, that is) and pass on valuable emotional regulation skills.

What children learn in their first 7 years is critical to how they make friends, learn and develop fundamental social skills and behaviours. In fact, it determines whether they become happy little humans or not.

BUU is here to help you and your Little Learners to choose great 'Tudes any time you want to so you you can happily Be Uniquely U (BUU).

Check out our range of Books, Activities, Games, 'Tude Charts, eCourses and more...

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