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Raising Happy Little Humans confidently

Our Mission

To positively impact future communities by supporting parents to confidently raise happy little humans.

Our tools, books, short courses, workshops, games + activities support positive mental health + wellbeing for children + busy parents.

As a social enterprise we donate a significant amount of our time + profits to supporting positive social impact initiatives so when you support us you can also feel good about supporting great causes that build better communities.

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BUU Books

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Teach your Little Learners valuable social + emotional skills with these fun + interactive BUU Books. Each book includes a rhyming story + tips + activities.

Attitudes are small things that have a huge impact on how we feel and behave. This 30-minute on demand course will have your Little Peeps choosing their 'Tudes in no time!

Learn the key to emotional regulation and implement it as soon as you can. A little investment now will pay dividends for a long time to come.

Learn how to choose 'Tudes quickly!

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Based on Neuroscience, NLP + Things I wish I knew Earlier

Personal Growth for Parents + Little Peeps

I'm Robyn, 

Working Mum with two Little Peeps, self-confessed geek for all things ‘Tude related and life long learner fascinated with neuroscience + developmental psychology. Constantly exclaiming "I wish I knew that earlier!"
Welcome to my passion project and personal parenting sanity saver.

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