Our Why

Through experience + research we know parents love their little ones + want to do the best job possible to support them to thrive. There is no instruction manual for parenting, so we all do the best we can with what we know, often with very little time to dedicate to teaching our little peeps about the important stuff in life.

Legacy parenting is great, but it has a few gaps. We are raising the first digitally native generation + it's a new era with its own pro's + con's.

We want to make that challenge a little easier by helping parents to raise healthy, happy humans + kinder connected communities.


Tools + Resources:
We create + curate fun + engaging educational resources that support parents, carers + educators to develop little ones critical social + emotional skills during the developmental years. This includes focusing on key areas such as Connection, Kindness + Respect for self, others + things.

Events + Fundraising:
We also organise events for families that include the whole community. These are chances to connect + have fun together. Connection creates compassion, which increases kindness. We also offer DFY Fundraising event management for P&C's, daycares, sports clubs + other organisations.

Social Enterprise:
As a social enterprise, we devote a large portion of our time + profits to supporting initiatives that positive impact our community.

We partner with schools/daycares, organisations + businesses who have similar values + a passion to positively impact future generations.

Choose the ‘Tude I support my little peeps by passing on things I wish I knew earlier in life in the form of fun and engaging ‘Tude Tools. The tools facilitate positive choices, respect and personal responsibility in age-appropriate ways.

Our Vision

To raise happy humans + create kinder communities

Our Mission

To positively impact current + future communities by raising awareness, sharing ideas + inspiring acts of kindness + connection

Our Values

Respect self, others + things



We always have a choice

Interested in Collaborating?

Creating positive future communities too big for one person, business or organisation. We are actively seeking partnerships with others who have congruent values and visions.  

If you feel there may be a good fit with your business or organisation, please contact us through the contact page or schedule a time to chat.

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