First... the Why

As parents, we love our little peeps and want to do the best job possible to support them and future generations to thrive. There is no instruction manual for parenting, so we all do the best we can with what we know, often with very little time to dedicate to teaching our little peeps about the important stuff in life. We want to make that challenge a little easier and help parents of today develop healthy, happy future communities.


Next... the How

Through research we identify the issues parents are facing. 
We create and curate helpful resources that educate parents to help the development of critical social and emotional skills with their Little Peeps during the developmental years.

As a social enterprise, we partner with organisations and businesses who have similar values and a passion to positively impact future generations.

Choose the ‘Tude I support my little peeps by passing on things I wish I knew earlier in life in the form of fun and engaging ‘Tude Tools. The tools facilitate positive choices, respect and personal responsibility in age-appropriate ways.

Now... the Who

Robyn lives in the Sunshine Coast with her family and has dedicated her future to supporting working Women to manage the busy-ness of life today.

Her passion for self development and how our brains and personalities are built has led her to dedicating her time to supporting the parents of today to create tomorrows communities.

Meet the Founder

"There are several key things I wish I knew earlier in my parenting adventure. If I can support another parent to raise a happy healthy little human, together we have achieved a positive impact on future communities."

Robyn Simpson

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Robyn Simpson is a working mother of two, researcher, author and entrepreneur. Her passions lie in helping people grow and enjoy life.

Robyn is a self-starter who has developed several successful businesses and excelled in corporate environments. She has experienced the juggle of care and career, and is an advocate for working Mothers.

Today, she is dedicated to helping working parents develop healthy, happy future citizens through publishing + events. 

Over the years, Robyn has been published in a number of publications, authored seven books (with more in the pipeline) and is a creator of BUU the 'Tude dude and many 'Tude Tools and resources for busy parents and their Little Peeps.  She enjoys researching and curating information that can help parents of today raise mentally healthy communities of tomorrow.


Interested in Partnering?

Creating positive future communities too big for one person, business or organisation. We are actively seeking partnerships with others who have congruent values and visions.  

If you feel there may be a good fit with your business or organisation, please contact us through the contact page or schedule a time to chat.

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