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Robyn Simpson is a Mum of two, researcher, writer + entrepreneur with a deep passion for neuroscience, developmental psychology + human development.

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Life has a way of throwing lemons, but don't let life happen to you, make it happen for you. Turn lemons into Limoncello's + Live your Legacy.

Robyn is the creator of the Kind Community Project ~ an innovative new platform + program designed to make kindness a conscious daily habit at home, at work + in the community.

She is also an active volunteer for several organizations + plays a significant role in her community.

In her private time she loves having adventures + relaxing with her family. Gardening, travelling, singing + busting out a tune on the saxophone from time to time.

Her dedication + impact have been recognised globally; she was a finalist in the Women Changing the World Awards in 2023 +, in 2024, became one of the first international ambassadors for Kindness Worldwide.

Robyn’s current work focuses on reversing harmful social trends, such as bullying, through the promotion of kindness + raising awareness of the positive aspects of our world.

She has been published in numerous publications, authored seven books with more in development. She created BUU the 'Tude dude along with a variety of 'Tude Tools and resources for busy parents + their Little Learners + a range of positive merchandise designed to gently remind us to choose our 'Tudes + be kind.





Doco's on brain development (yep...)

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Loads of articles on neuroplasticity + human kindness

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To multiple podcasts - check out the Positive Podcasts Club in the Kind Communities Project if you want to know which ones