Need a little 'Tude Talk?

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Attitudes are tiny things that make a HUGE difference. We've all got them, they are the difference between happy or crappy experiences and they are contagious (not in an icky COVID kind of way... luckily).

Sometimes all we need is a little 'Tude Tap to remind us how to choose our 'Tudes and take personal responsibility for our choices.

10 great things about 'Tudes

A fun little reminder about attitudes and the impact they have on our lives every day. 
Great for reminding peeps they are responsible for their 'Tudes and how they show up in the world impacts not just their family bubble, but far beyond.

A SAMPLE OF topics

The 2-minute 'Tude Choosing Technique

I share my favourite science based 'Tude Choosing tool that I recommend all parents and educators learn. You'll be able to help Little Peeps change their 'Tudes in less than 2-minutes in no time. Imagine how much nicer life will be with this incredible little technique.

Juggling Care+Career

Having run two successful businesses concurrently while raising two Little Peeps under five, I know a thing or two about juggling Care + Career. And that's why I have a particular passion and affinity to support busy career Mum's reduce stress and Mum guilt by providing some simple tips and strategies they can use immediately. Learn practical, proven and research based ways to swap unhelpful behaviours that escalate situations with calm, considered tactics that increase confidence and self esteem for everyone involved. 

Less stress at home = peak performance at work. Helping employees handle care and career confidently is a smart strategy everyone benefits from. 

How to create great future communities

Being uniquely you
starring BUU the 'Tude dude

A great little session for 4-6 year olds to learn about the importance of being themselves. For those getting ready to transition to big school, BUU helps build the confidence and resilience to thrive.

Parents of today are creating our future communities, but are we equipped to do a good job? 80% of parents we researched admit they are parenting on autopilot because they don't know where to get credible tools and strategies from that will fit into their busy lives. Nor do they realise the importance of their role in influencing our societies of tomorrow. This is a wake up call with some helpful strategies thrown in for good measure. No parent left behind!

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Self-Care is for everyone

Having interviewed hundreds of women, it's clear we're not great at self-care. This talk aims to flip the myths and reframe self care as one of the most important priorities for anyone. I share my story of working too hard, doing all the things and being super woman until one day it all changed due to a rare tumour.

That changed my perspective and prioirites on what is really important in life. We owe it to ourselves and our significant others to take good care of ourselves so we can be our best for them.

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