BUU the 'Tude Dude is the newest member of our family. 

My little peeps and I created BUU as a fun and engaging way to remind us that attitudes are important and we can choose our 'Tude at any time. We all have blue days, and that's ok. BUU helps us choose a positive 'Tude when we need to. With BUU, every day is Choose-Day!

BUU is on a mission to help little peeps choose great attitudes (‘Tude’s), make positive choices and create awesome lifelong habits.

BUU stands for Be Uniquely U. Pretty cool, huh?
We're not sure if BUU is a boy or a girl, or how old BUU is, and you know what...? It doesn't matter.
BUU is a little cheeky sometimes, which we love. It's great to laugh.
BUU loves scooting & skating, bike riding, singing & dancing, telling jokes, learning new stuff and meeting new peeps.
BUU's favourite ice-cream is mint choc chip.
One day BUU would like to donate fridges to schools so little peeps lunches stay fresh, even on the hottest days. Yum!
BUU has a special knack of teaching parents while teaching little peeps. Win-win!

a few little facts about BUU:

Here are the latest BUU Books...

starting big school book
Fantastic friends book
Hi, Im buu book
changing schools book

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