Finally, a simple + practical strategy to support your child to recognise, understand and choose their emotions. 

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Learn how to teach your little peeps to recognise and choose their emotions and 'Tude whenever they need to, to avoid stressful meltdowns and nasty nagging moments.
You'll learn a 2-minute 'Tude Choosing technique that will help you to support them to thrive in all sorts of situations by learning this valuable emotional management strategy.
A simple technique to build positive life time habits that will help them build confidence, resilience, make and keep friends.
A great way for the whole family to connect in a positive way while learning about feelings and emotions.

in just 25 minutes...

"Sounds great, but I'm super busy!"

"I now have a better understanding of my own attitude, which I believe will help me educate the children on their 'Tudes."



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"I'm excited to start practicing the 'Tude Choosing Technique with the children in my care and myself!"


educator + mum

"Great for Early Childhood Educators. I love that this workshop prompted me to have an internal reflection. This program has inspired me to make changes both personally and professionally."


OSHC Coordinator + educator + mum

"Every session really helps and encourages a positive outcome in our daily lives."


educator + mum

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