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In this course, you will go from feeling
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emotional regulation  

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As a busy working Mum, juggling care, career and everything else, we miss a lot (school sports day, parade...) and it’s easy to miss the little things that could have a profound positive impact on our Little Peeps lives. 

I’m Robyn, working Mum of two. My Little Peeps have been in daycare and out of school care full-time all their lives (#cuethemumguilt #judgementfreezone). I often worry if I've done a good enough job of equipping them with the foundational values and life skills they need to thrive in this crazy world.

Time waits for no-one (especially parents), and before you know it, they are another year older and more independent. The formative years are almost over... have you missed your opportunity to help them learn positive life habits?

Don't worry - I've got you!

I'm a lifelong learner (aren't we all?) with a particular fascination for how our brains work, and how attitudes, values and morals are shaped. Now that I have Little Peeps; I’m even more interested in what makes some people thrive, while others barely survive. The development of personalities, traits and habits and how we influence each other is intriguing to me.

Have you ever had one of those parenting epiphanies where you discover something so simple yet effective, it makes you exclaim
"OMG, why did I not do this earlier?!"

Parenting is one of the best educations a human can experience. But, there is no manual, very few instructions, and no 'one size fits all'. Our Little Peeps are individuals, continually developing and changing. Just when you think you've nailed it - something else pops up! #ParentingPuzzle

My unique talent is taking complex information and making it simple and easy to understand and put into action. So I took all my study and hands-on experience and built some simple and engaging ‘Tude Choosing Tools to help me improve my parenting while teaching my Little Peeps life long positive habits in fast and fun ways. #TudeChooserChart

I’ve shared this particular tool with a bunch of my friends, and the feedback has been really great. So I thought I would make it available to other parents in this short, power-packed self-directed ‘Tude Chooser eCourse.


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Learn how to teach your little peeps to recognise and choose their 'Tude whenever they need to, to avoid stressful meltdowns and nasty nagging moments.
A 2-minute 'Tude Choosing technique that will help them thrive in all sorts of situations including emotional regulation.
A simple technique to build positive life time habits that will help them build confidence, resilience and make friends.
Fun and engaging ways to teach your little peeps how to name a vast range of 'Tudes, feeling and emotions.
A great way for the whole family to connect in a positive way.

here's what you'll gain in just 25 minutes

"Sounds great, but I'm super busy!"

I hear you! And I counter... this small investment now will save you lots of time and stress. You'll thank me later.

This is the one eCourse that will have you and your Little Peeps thinking differently about attitudes.

The 'Tude Chooser eCourse is ingenious in its simplicity. In just 25 minutes you'll learn how to use this deceptively simple tool to get your Little Peeps choosing positive 'Tudes any time they (or you) want.

Imagine if you could tame the Negative Nellies and Cheeky Charlies and avoid the constant, tiresome nagging.
Based on simple neuroscience and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you'll be amazed at how effective this clever little tool is.

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"I now have a better understanding of my own attitude, which I believe will help me educate the children on their 'Tudes."



Don't take it from me, Here's what others have to say...

"I'm excited to start practicing the 'Tude Choosing Technique with the children in my care and myself!"


educator + mum

"Great for Early Childhood Educators. I love that this workshop prompted me to have an internal reflection. This program has inspired me to make changes both personally and professionally."


OSHC Coordinator + educator + mum

"Every session really helps and encourages a positive outcome in our daily lives."


educator + mum

Have you ever found yourself 

wondering 'How do I teach my Little Peeps to choose a positive attitude so that EVERYONE can enjoy their day?' I did. And here’s my proven solution.

the 2-minute 'tude choosing technique

what's included

A supercharged eLearning session that packs everything you need into just 25 minutes (you can also set the speed to 2x so you finish it quicker if you want to)
Access to the private course Discussion Group to answer your questions and help out when you need a little ‘Tude Tip.
A downloadable ‘Tude Chooser Chart so you can get started immediately

This eCourse isn't for everyone. It IS for busy parents, carers and educators of Little Peeps aged between 3-7 years old who want a quick yet powerful tool to save their sanity, avoid the nasty nagging moments, and help them raise little people who will not just survive in life - but they will T.H.R.I.V.E!  This tool is not an instant fix. If you want to create a lifelong habit you need to commit to using it consistently for at least 14/30-days. BUT it is fun and can have awesome long-term effects on everyone in your family who gives it a go (including you!).

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Avoid meltdowns and embarrassing moments
Stop the nasty nagging
Teach emotional self regulation 
Reduce everyone's stress levels!
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Parent to parent... this stuff is life changing!

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