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As a busy working Mum, we're juggling care, career and everything else and it's hard. 

When you are running from one thing to the next, changing your mode from Mum to Career person and trying to keep it all together, it doesn't take much for something to trigger your inner ogress!

Don't worry, we've all been there. From experience I know that feeling of reacting impulsively in the moment and then immediately thinking "Doh! I could have handled that better."

This handy little technique will help stop the Ogress appearing and teach your Little Peeps to choose their 'Tude at the same time. Cue huge sigh of relief...

Tearing your hair out handling tantrums and bad attitudes?
Sick of nagging at the Little Peeps or being ignored?

It's only 25 minutes (faster on double speed)
And for under $40, your sanity is worth it.


Robyn's thoughts...


RISK FREE money back guarantee

If you change your mind, just let us know within 14 days and we'll give you your money back - no questions asked.
So you've got nothing to lose and WHOLE LOT to gain! Are you in?!

Parenting... the best, yet one of the most challenging jobs in the world. 

This simple tool will have you calmly and confidently taming 'Tudes in
less than 2-minutes.

Learn how to teach your little peeps to recognise and choose their 'Tude whenever they need to, to avoid stressful meltdowns and nasty nagging moments.
A 2-minute 'Tude Choosing technique that will help them thrive in all sorts of situations including emotional regulation.
A simple technique to build positive life time habits that will help them build confidence, resilience and make friends.
Fun and engaging ways to teach your little peeps how to name a vast range of 'Tudes, feeling and emotions.
A great way for the whole family to connect in a positive way.

in just 25 minutes...

"Sounds great, but I'm super busy!"

I hear you! And I counter... this small investment now will save you lots of time and stress. You'll thank me later.

This is the one eCourse that will have you and your Little Peeps thinking differently about attitudes.

The 'Tude Chooser eCourse is ingenious in its simplicity. In just 25 minutes you'll learn how to use this deceptively simple tool to get your Little Peeps choosing positive 'Tudes any time they (or you) want.

Imagine if you could tame the Negative Nellies and Cheeky Charlies and avoid the constant, tiresome nagging.
Based on simple neuroscience and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you'll be amazed at how effective this clever little tool is.

great choice!

say no more... i'm in!

"I now have a better understanding of my own attitude, which I believe will help me educate the children on their 'Tudes."



Don't take it from me, Here's what others have to say...

"I'm excited to start practicing the 'Tude Choosing Technique with the children in my care and myself!"


educator + mum

"Great for Early Childhood Educators. I love that this workshop prompted me to have an internal reflection. This program has inspired me to make changes both personally and professionally."


OSHC Coordinator + educator + mum

"Every session really helps and encourages a positive outcome in our daily lives."


educator + mum

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