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We know the proof is in the pudding, and we know you're the experts when it comes to knowing what works for your Little Learners. So we're offering a select group of parents the opportunity to test and provide honest constructive feedback on our 'Tude Tools, eCourses and other inspirational creations.

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Are you a parent or primary carer for little learners aged between 0 - 12 years old?

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1. Invite you to participate in a product or eCourse review and provide instructions and expected response timeframes
2. If you accept the invitation, we will send you physical product/s to use in your home environment or grant you access to eCourse material free of charge
3. Answer any questions you have in the Parent Panel Private Discussion Group
4. Gratefully accept all constructive feedback
6. Provide a 10% Parent Panel discount during your time on the panel should you wish to purchase any products/services you have not trialled.

for successful applicants we promise to


> Respond to invitations to review products or eCourses
> Test products/eCourses within the timeframe specified
> Provide constructive feedback in a timely manner 
> Post all questions in the Parent Panel Private Discussion Group
> Provide comments for marketing purposes if you find value in the products
> Opt in to email communications + notifications relating to this panel

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