A great fun day of activities + experiences suitable for families with children from 0-12 years.
Host at your school or at a local venue. Food + Fun + Connection + Loads of Activities that'll keep people talking about it for ages!
Create connection + good vibes + raise funds.
Various event activities to choose from. Let's chat!

Major Fundraiser Event


Daycares + Early Learning Centres

Community Engagement

Continuous Fundraising

Want something you can promote all year round with little effort or time required?
Our range of 'Tude Tools are the perfect positive fundraising product range that creates a common language between home + school.

Create a range of pencil cases, swimming bags, sandwich bags + other useful items with 'Tude designs suitable for 2-12 years. We can source a huge range of products so let your imagination go wild! Conditions apply.




Meet, Mingle + Learn

Add value + connect with your parent community by making your fundraising social + educational. 'Tude Interactive Info sessions are packed full of great ideas for parents to try at home and are a great way to create consistent learning + language between school + home environments.

 Tap into our network of subject matter experts from digital wellness to understanding brain developmental stages or raising mentally fit + resilient kids.

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We'll help you design + deliver a great fundraising initiative!

We work with

Our fundraising initiatives are uniquely designed to positively impact + engage your community.

How it works

We're growing our merch range! Watch this space!

We hold an initial meeting to identify needs, discuss ideas + resources. We'll help you design the perfect Fundraising initiative to suit your goals.

How the Major Fundraiser Event works

let's chat!

You'll be nicely surprised at how little it costs, how easy it is + how you can raise big funds + create community impact!

  • Practical Ideas
  • Project Plan + Management including budget control, systems + admin
  • Design sponsorship packages + negotiate with sponsors
  • Design marketing collateral
  • Arrange printing
  • Source activities
  • Liaise with suppliers
  • Manage digital presence
  • Ticketing
  • Run regular coordinators meetings with your team + ours to tick all the boxes.
  • Coordinate everything taking the hassle + burden off your team

  • The venue
  • Volunteers
  • Introductions to potential Sponsors
  • Marketing channels
  • Attend regular progress meetings