On a daily basis you're:

a working mum juggling care + career

Dealing with tantrums or challenging attitudes and want ways to calmly help your little peeps develop social and emotional regulation skills

Overwhelmed with a relentless to-do list with little support or assistance. You feel constantly exhausted and struggling to get it all done with no time to relax, looking for ways to get some time back

Concerned about the impact of your parenting and would like a deeper awareness and understanding of how to be an effective intentional parent consistently, but don't have the time to fit anything extra into your overcommitted schedule.

I know you're busy...

You're an educated, intelligent professional with high standards. You have a desire to be a great Mum, committed to raising happy little humans, but you sometimes feel guilty about the lack of time and experience or knowledge when it comes to parenting. 

With one or more 3-7yo's in daycare or Out of School care several days a week.

If this is you, take a deep breath and read on.
This program will help you feel like you again.

By the end of this program

you will:

Be able to build resilience and confidence in your Little Peeps and feel in control of your many commitments and confident in your parenting abilities.

Complete a Personal Parenting Audit to discover your autopilot parenting tendencies. This is an opportunity to review your current strengths and identify opportunities for adjustment and a Personal Parenting Path.

Learn to create positive life habits with your Little Peep/s by understanding the internal drivers and and how to build the neural pathways that drives behaviour, attitudes and ultimately success as a human being.

Turn challenging 'Tudes (attitudes) into a positive outcome in 2 minutes or less without raising your voice.

Discover the three basic psychological needs that, when addressed and supported, can have life changing effects on your relationships with your Little Peeps and significant others at home and elsewhere.

Engage your family, build connection and respect and help harmonise your home and gain time back to spend on the fun stuff!

Reconnect with your Ideal Parenting Persona - you know, the parent you always thought you would be. Or if you've never had an ideal, you'll get to figure out they type of parent you desire to be.

"I now have a better understanding of my own attitude, which I believe will help me educate the children on their 'Tudes."



Kind words from happy 'Tudestars

"I'm excited to start practicing the 'Tude Choosing Technique with the children in my care and myself!"


educator + mum

"I love that this workshop prompted me to have an internal reflection. This program has inspired me to make changes both personally and professionally."


OSHC Coordinator + educator + mum

"Every session really helps and encourages a positive outcome in our daily lives."


educator + mum

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A 45-minute Personal Alignment Session normally $150

Risk-free 14-Day
money back guarantee. 

All prices are in AUD and includes GST for Australian residents.


What's Included...

module 1: Your Personal Parenting Audit: are you parenting on autopilot? 

module 2: interruptions + intentional choices - the sciencey stuff

MODULE 3: the importance of expansion + inclusion

MODULE 4: participation + contributions: family involvement

congratulations + celebrations!

In this week we'll take a close look at the care + career conundrum.
You'll learn about the human silent navigators, what motivates people and we'll get up close and personal as you take an objective non-judgmental look at your parenting style. Don't worry, it's for you only and I promise, it will deliver some great AHA moments.

You will discover your Ideal Parenting Persona + create a personal parenting growth pathway.

First we look at the importance of language and Neurolinguistic programming and how to interrupt unhelpful patterns.

You'll learn about the core human psychological needs (The Why we do things) + some simple Neuroscience (How things work).

In this module we focus on expanding emotional vocabulary and investigating two core psychological needs.

You'll gain tools that will help build resilience and cooperation.
We'll provide strategies to gain some time back! 

By now you'll be experiencing less emotional outbursts and faster recovery if they do happen. You will have taught your Little Peeps to be aware of their emotions and choose their 'Tudes. 

Now you're ready to enrol the family in positive contributions to everyone's wellbeing focusing on the third core psychological need which helps build competency and independence.

Pop that champagne and take a moment to celebrate your progress!

4 x modules: Released weekly on Sunday and recorded to watch on demand
Up to 2 x speed controlled video lessons to save time
4 x weekly Live Q&A's: Submit your questions, attend or watch on demand
Guides + Worksheets to fast track your progress
Access to the Course Portal that stores the lessons + guides + worksheets
3 x Progress Surveys to track your adjustments and outcomes
BONUS: 60 Days Access to the Parenting In Progress Private Members group 

Step 1:
You'll get instant access to the Choose the 'Tude Academy + Parenting In Progress Private membership group

Step 2:
Complete the short Parenting Progress Survey to get a clear view of where you are at. You will do this again during week 2/3 and again at the end so you can celebrate your progress.

Step 3:
Each week you'll receive a new module. Listen/watch the video lessons (no more than 20 minute lessons) and review the course support materials and tools. As you learn and implement the tools you can ask questions in the group.

Step 4:
Join the Live Q&A or watch at your convenience. Or post your question in the private group.

How it works...

All lessons are short, speed controlled by you and no fluff, just the good stuff.

As a busy Mum myself, I'm super conscious of making this simple and quick for you to learn what you need and see results quickly.

I'm also conscious you may be listening to the lessons while driving or preparing meals or doing housework, so each one is summarised and supported with written notes so you can search quickly for what you need.

Modules + Lesson Plan

A warm welcome including a tour to show you got to get access to support and maximise your experience. You'll get to meet some other intelligent and professional Mums - your crew!

We'll dive straight into the primary concept that will help you maximise the rest of the program and is pivotal in adjusting your parenting from impulsive to intentional. You'll gain a tool to help your Little Peeps choose a great 'Tude (attitude).

WELCOME TOUR: Let the learning begin!

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A 45-minute Personal Alignment Session normally $150

Risk-free 14-Day
money back guarantee. 

All prices are in AUD and includes GST for Australian residents.


14-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be comfortable with your decision to enhance your parenting, let go of Mum Guilt and develop your Little Peeps positive life long habits.

To put your mind at ease, we offer a no questions asked, 14-day money back guarantee.

If after the first two weeks you haven't seen some progress or feel you're not learning how to help your Little Peeps and yourself become happier human beings, simply send an email requesting your refund to before the 14 days is up and we'll gladly refund your purchase.

Got questions?

If you're on the fence, you're welcome to give it a go and if it's not for you, there's a risk-free 14 day money back guarantee.
But first, ask yourself

Are you comfortable with...

Your chaotic schedule?
Doing it all yourself with little support?
Wining it in the moment and dealing with the impact of impulsive, reactive parenting?
Mum guilt and self doubt?
Worry whether you're limiting your Little Peeps development?
Upsets and emotional outbursts that escalate unnecessarily?
Exhaustion and over-commitments?
Parenting on Auto-pilot?

Or would you prefer...

Confidence in your parenting, knowing you've got this!
A cooperative harmonious household.
Calm, conscious and responsive parenting that gives you peace of mind your Little Peeps are developing positive life habits.
Time with your family making memorable moments.

Parenting the way always wanted to, supported by Peeps just like you.

Not sure it's for you yet?

Robyn breaks complex content down into really easy to digest chunks. I love that I can pick it up and put it down depending on the demands of the household at the time. The information is really interesting and the techniques are easy to implement.

Lauren: Mum of 2

Robyn is very compassionate and understanding. She has a unique ability to get the best out of people. She is strong and to the point with compassion for the individual.

She is able to use knowledge and experience to objectively look at situations and give thoughtful and relevant responses. She gives independent and unbiased views.  

JEANETTE: Mum of 2

Robyn is motivational and inspiring and she helps you to think in a different way than you normally do, which is necessary to find a different answer and take different actions to get better results.

Karen: Mum of 3

A few more kind words... (blushing)

I'm Robyn

I’m a Gen X mum with two Gen Alpha peeps. My little peeps have been in full time daycare and out of school care since they were born (that wasn’t the plan, but that’s how life happened). In October 2020, after some serious health scares I exited the corporate world to pursue a passion of mine. #WakeUpCall 

Today I pursue my passion to make career Mum's lives easier and to positively impact future generations, passing on things I wish I knew earlier as a parent and in life generally. 

As a Mum with a career, I know first hand how challenging it is to juggle all the demands of life, and the pressure and Mum Guilt that accompanies it.

I felt terrible because my children were spending more time in other people's care than my own. I was concerned about their development and how it was influenced during those incredibly important first seven years. I had no time or energy to research or learn how to be a better parent, so I was pretty much winging it, relying on what I learned from my upbringing and what I felt was right.

Unfortunately, lack of time, tiredness and a million tasks to do meant despite my good intentions, I often reacted in the heat of the moment. “Hello mum guilt”, followed closely by the self accusation that I should have handled that better, and questioning “What damage am I doing to my children?”

I study Neuroscience, developmental psychology, neurolinguistic programming and a variety of parenting concepts. The best of my high performance coaching experience, extensive life experience and personal and professional development have come together to create practical tools and strategies to help busy families bond.

I'm genuinely excited to share this program to help you shift from overwhelm and impulsive to effective and intentional parenting. 

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your personal parenting path.




A 45-minute Personal Alignment Session normally $150

Risk-free 14-Day
money back guarantee. 

All prices are in AUD and includes GST for Australian residents.


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