creating kind communities

How do we reverse damaging + costly social trends such as bullying + loneliness?

By raising happy humans + creating kind communities

It's pretty simple...

Repeat... repeat... repeat...

Inspire acts of kindness...
at work, home + school...

A program of Kindness Initiatives that involves the whole community

Because it takes a village to raise a happy human

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Join the Kind Community Project to access the Kindness Counts Challenge + Kindness ideas to try @ home, work + everywhere.

Weekly kindness inspirations to help make kindness a habit

Quick kind activities anyone can do

Share + Cheer! Share your Acts of Kindness to make them count in the challenge

Focus on the good stuff + feel great!

help us achieve our target:
10,000 acts of kindness

Choose the 'Tude is a social enterprise, proudly supporting not-for-profits who support families. We donate time, money + resources to several charities to help raise happy humans, create kind communities + care for our environment.

Charities we have supported or are currently working with include...