What We Do

We create cool 'Tude choosing tools for little peeps. We also teach parents, carers and educators how to use these tools at home or in daycare, school or out of school hours environments.

Based on research and principles from Neuroscience, Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming, we create fun and engaging tools that are simple to use.


There are many things I wish I learned earlier in life, but choosing 'Tudes and understanding how to manage emotions and feelings is something I believe all little peeps should be taught as early as possible to help build strong foundational values and life long social skills.

Our mission is to inspire one little peep at a time to choose a great 'Tude, pass it on and create ripples of lasting positive social impact.

If you care for little peeps or educate them in any way...

Attitudes are small things that have a HUGE impact! Learning how to choose them is something we should all be taught early.

You're in the right place.

Ways to Work Together

Workshops for professional development
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'Tude Tools
'Tude Games & Products for little peeps
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"Attitudes are contagious...
Is yours worth catching?"

— Robyn Simpson

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

"I now have a better understanding of my own attitude, which I believe will help me educate the children on their 'Tudes."



Kind words from happy 'Tudestars

"I'm excited to start practicing the 'Tude Choosing Technique with the children in my care and myself!"


educator + mum

"Great for Early Childhood Educators. I love that this workshop prompted me to have an internal reflection. This program has inspired me to make changes both personally and professionally."


OSHC Coordinator + educator + mum

"Every session really helps and encourages a positive outcome in our daily lives."


educator + mum