From a formal 5 course dinner for 700 people to a Family Fun Day, we have experience, systems + processes to design a great, engaging + memorable event that meets your objectives.

Major Events



Community Engagement

Team Building

Nothing brings a team together better than having a bit of fun that requires critical thinking + trust.

Past Team Building events have included 200km Cryptic Orienteering Competitions to simple Hack-athons + Solve the World Invention Sessions.

When people come together to create + solve challenges, strong bonds + lasting connections are created.



Conferences + Educational Events

Add life to your conference + truly engage your audience.

Want to include an expo or extra special delegate experiences? We have creative ways to get your message across + leave a lasting positive impression worthy of word-of-mouth.

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Government Departments

If you need help organising a Fundraising Event, check out our specialist services here.

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